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The purpose of the West Virginia Wholesalers Association is to achieve a closer cooperation among the wholesaler and manufacturers and all facets of the distributive and merchandising industry; to present a united front in the face of adverse legislation and regulations to promote fair legislation; to assist its members in state tax matters; and to increase and stimulate business within the state.

Board of Directors

Rob Sincavich  President  Team Sledd
Lee Bowers First Vice President Merchants Distributors, Inc.
Keith Harkins 2nd Vice President PFGC
Traci Nelson Secretary/Treasurer WV Wholesalers Association
Zach Weir Chairman of the Board Goldsmit-Sydnor, Inc.

2022 Wholesaler  
  Bill Munday VP Distributors
  Randy Emanuelson Team Sledd
  Gregg Delli-Gatti VP Distributors
  Gary Seiter HT Hackney
2023 Rob Sincavich Team Sledd
  Zach Weir Goldsmit-Sydnor, Inc.
  Chris Smythers Merchants Grocery Co.
  Lee Bowers Merchants Distributors, Inc.
  Keith Harkins PFGC
2024 Jim Cunningham Goldsmit-Sydnor, Inc.
  Justin Keen Layman Distributing
  Steve Barnisky Team Sledd
  Adam Greenberg Topicz
  Garrett Cunningham Goldsmit-Sydnor, Inc.
2022 Associate   
  Michael Morrow Swisher
  Jimmy Barefoot Ohserase
  Mike Millham Altria
  David Ramella CJ's Tobacco Shop
2023 Mike Doman R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company
  Lee Mooney Liggett Vector Brands LLC
  Ted Kitson National Tobacco
  Andrew Panagoplas Republic Tobacco

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